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How will I be benefited as a QuarterOFF franchisee?
You can be a QuarterOFF franchisee for a particular city/region. We will provide you all the marketing materials and train you to be successful. You will be meeting merchants in your area, make an agreement with them to sell their merchandises on QuarterOFF website. For each sale of merchandises including GIFT certificates, you will be earning a major percentage of the profit. We will pass on any inquiry/lead in your AREA to you if that comes to QuarterOFF directly. There is huge earning potential and it is directly proportional to your aggression and desire to earn.

How can I be a QuarterOFF franchisee? Do I need to be an employee to work for QuarterOFF?
You need not be an employee of QuarterOFF to be a QuarterOFF franchisee. Apply to be a QuarterOFF franchisee today.

How can I track my Merchandises' sales on QuarterOFF?
QuarterOFF has a robust website with lots of features for affiliates. QuarterOFF affiliate are able to log in to QuarterOFF and can track all the Gift Cards' Sales that is originated by the affiliate. QuarterOFF also generates report in regular interval for transactions for the items handled by affiliates and keep them posted.

Do I have access to create/update Gift Cards/Items entry to QuarterOFF as an franchisee?
Not at this point of time. We are still on Beta version for that part of development. If you are interested for this feature, please contactus and we will send you notification when we go-live with this feature.

Do I need to register a company to be an QuarterOFF franchisee?
No. We give this option to both individual as well company. You need to have a valid Tax ID if you want company to be an affiliate. If you want to do it as an individual, you should be a US Resident.

What will be my percentage of Sale?
Please contactus for detailed terms and conditions.

Do I have to pay any affiliate fee to QuarterOFF?
No. But you may need to go through Background check and other verification process.

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