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Shipping Policy All over USA
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Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy (Shipping by our merchant)
Shipping instructions(if needed) is provided in the Deal Description and/or Deal Instruction/Restriction section. You can contact the merchant directly if you have any question related to shipping of any of the item purchased from QuarterOFF.com. If you have any issue with the delivery, you may create a support ticket or use any other method to contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

If there is a redemption process associated with your order(mainly for products) and you redeem the item based on the instruction provided by QuarterOFF on instruction/restriction section, order can not be canceled. If there is an issue with the item, merchant has to approve the refund before we can issue you refund.

Gift card Shipping This is a special service so that one can buy the Deal and send it as a Gift to someone else.
* $2 for S/H will be added per Deal. $2 will be credited back to your account(only if registered) within 14 business days.
* If you are not registered while buying the Deal with Gift Card Shipping Option, you can register within 14 business days and contact us for the credit.
* Shipping of Gift Cards to US and Canada except Alaska, Hawaii and Freely Associated States.
* You will be informed by QuarterOFF in case QuarterOFF will not send Gift certificate due to merchant or other limitation. In this case, S/H charge will be credited back to the source of your payment.
* This $2 charge is to avoid any misuse.
* You can always print the Gift certificate sent to your email ID/QuarterOFF Account and use it.
* Illegal use of QuarterOFF Gift certificate is subject to Federal laws.
* Anyway, you can always print QuarterOFF Gift Certificate after your purchase and use.

Changes to This Shipping Policy
We may modify our shipping policy from time to time. The most recent version is always posted at QuarterOFF.com.

What to Do if You Have concerns related to Shipping Policy
If you have a comment or concern about shipping policy of QuarterOFF.com, we want to hear about it. We appreciate if you send your question or comment via contact us page.

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