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DC Wonderland Wine Tasting Pedicab Tour For Two People for $65 from Discover DC Pedicab Tours
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This deal is available until 02-16-2015
Voucher Expiration : 02-16-2015


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Grab this QuarterOFF Deal for a great DC Wonderland Wine Tasting Pedicab tour by highly trained and licensed Pedicab drivers....Have some fun, merriment-Cruise while you booze -- man powered, pedicabs and no walking shoes.

DC RICKSHAW TOURS, BIKE TAXIS, PEDICABS.... say hello to yabadabadoo transportation DC! Well look who decided to suavely stroll into the city and take DC by storm? Discover DC Pedicab Tours (formerly Destination DC Tours) knows the city`s best kept secrets of where to go, what to see, what to do, and how to get there.

What is a pedicab exactly? Pedicabs, also known as cycle rickshaws, are a human-powered type of tricycle designed to carry passengers. Pedicabs for site-seeing are faster than walking, can maneuver through heavy traffic and are more environmentally friendly than buses and cars!

BOOZE CRUISE -Start at Starbucks (at 7th and E streets NW). Go around cruising through penn quarter, chinatown, and metro center areas and pass by the Newseum, Crime and Punishment Museum, Portrait Gallery, Verizon Center, 7th street, the Friendship Arch, and some other cool places. End where you started or a nearby metro station including chinatown, national archives, federal triangle, and metro center. Tour the city for 40 minutes while sipping.

Reviews :
"Her fresh perspective on life and DC history makes Shaady the perfect candidate to run such a company."

"I sure hope Shaady and Alex keep rocking these tours at Discover DC!"


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* Each extra person(or 2 little kids under 8) added to the tour is 15 dollars paid to DiscoverDC Guide directly
* Call 202-656-3593 to redeem your QuarterOFF voucher and reserve your tour.
* Estimated Time is $40 minutes
* Available 5pm-9pm Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sun
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