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$25 An organic honey spa treat, BODY BE SILK, 1791 River Crest Way Lawrenceville, GA 30045 - Coupon 2015
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Doesn`t the word Honey make you crave a sweet treat? a honey treatment for the skin will melt your tensions away like the sweet after taste that it brings when eaten in natural form.. Wouldn`t it be wonderful to be able to have a bath treatment hat had the same sweet effect on your skin?

A honey treat is a luxurious treat, an indulgence-a splurge that Egyptian queens used and have been passed down for centuries in a variety of uses for our day. How about giving yourself a honey bath cleansing every day? it`s oh so worth it.. Both honey and oil provide a sense of nurturing, giving your body the opportunity to give love and receive it.

The honey bath also has cleansing agents so you don`t need soap. Honey can help promote luxurious skin, it can also be helpful in the process of aging gracefully.

When used on the skin, it has the ability to help skin to maintain softness, suppleness and elasticity. Twirl on skin using honey dipper, or pour on skin in bath or shower.

Ingredients: Organic Agave, organic honey, organic olive oil, organic almond oil, organic aroma, organic liquid castile soap. Comes with wooden honey dipper Use the honey bath in the bath or shower. Has cleaning agents in honey bath, person does not have to use soap. Lightly scented, light oils to soften skin. A home spa experience.





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