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Shipping and Handling charges for FREE iPhone Gradient Jison case for iPhone 4G for $2.99
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This deal is available until 08-31-2019
Voucher Expiration : 09-15-2012


Option to Send QuarterOFF Gift Certificate for this Deal is in the Next Page.....Anyway, you can print and use QuarterOFF Gift Voucher immediately after your purchase. Please check and follow instruction/restriction section below.

Grab a FREE iPhone Gradient Jison case for iPhone 4G. Pay just $2.99 for Shipping and Handling and get $2.99 QuarterOFF credit within 7 business days from the date of your purchase.

This case made by hard Polycarbonate, with a minimum thickness of 0.98mm, very good in the flexibility. Spray two color rubber to become a fashion look.

* Thin and fashion case with one color shade to another. Two colors in one case, no long toneless plain case.
* Good material and fits well.
* You can charge without removing the case.
* Original molding.
* All-round protection without affecting all functions.
* Odorless material.
* Environmental friendly package and material.
* Color - as in the picture

* Will be shipped in 7 Business Days.


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* Item is Free. Shipping And Handling is just $2.99 that you need to pay to buy this Free product.
* 1 per customer.
* You will be given $2.99 QuarterOFF credit within 3 business days after receiving delivery confirmation from you.
* The product will be shipped via standard shipping within 5-7 business days and QuarterOFF is not responsible for any missing item.
* The product will be gone through quality control before shipping. QuarterOFF is not responsible for any physical or electronic damage to the item during shipping.
* No return or refund for the Shipping and Handling Fee.
* QuarterOFF reserves the right to cancel this offer. Based on customer feedback/choice, QuarterOFF will issue refund for the amount paid by the customer or issue QuarterOFF credit, 150% of the amount paid by customer.
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